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Brandy Hawke's Song Page

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Don't Take Too Long

You know who this is for...

Don't Take Too Long
I swear sometimes I don't know baby
Just what you're thinking of
But I can tell you this one thing
I've had enough

I hear the suspicion in your voice
When you ask me where I've been
I swear I didn't do nothing wrong
That man is just a friend

I've played this game before, my friend
And I know I just can't win
I feel the deck is stacked against me
I can't believe the state I'm in

You know I love  you baby
'Til my dying day
But the way you're acting jealously
You're just pushing me away

So when you get it figured out
Just call me on the phone
You know I'll be right here for you
But don't take to long
Don't take too long